Winter Shader Pack contains 4 Standard Surface Shaders with snow accumulation and vertex deformation.

Shader Features:

  • Snow Accumulation with Vertex Deformation
  • Snow Diffuse and Normal Textures
  • Snow Wetness
  • Standard Diffuse, Normal Map and Occlusion Textures
  • Individual Specular and Glossiness control for primary texture and snow textures
  • Fixed, Edge and Distance Tessellation with Phong Smoothing
  • Custom ShaderGUI for each shader

Pack Contents:

  • 4 – Snow Accumulation Shaders (1 Standard Surface Shader, 3 Standard Surface Shaders with Tessellation)
  • 4 – Demo Materials each setup for the different type of shaders in this pack
  • 4 – Custom ShaderGUI scripts to control each shader in the Unity Editor
  • 2 – Snow Textures
  • 2 – Snow Normal Maps
  • Snow Accumulation Script to show you how to modify the shader values via script
  • Dragon 3D Model in FBX format with Albedo, Normal Map, and Occlusion textures
  • DX9 and DX11 Demo Scenes with UI controls for shader
  • Stationary Camera Orbit Script


  • Snow Cover Standard Shader uses Shader Model 3.0
  • All three Snow Cover Tessellation Shaders use Shader Model 4.6

This is our first release of this pack. We plan to add more features and variations in the future.

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